Time to write

Credit to this site for the gorgeous sunrise photo.

Gente, it’s been a year. I mean, like, more than an actual year. It’s been tough, que no?

I’m back. I was gone, under a rock for many months. Just too much going on. Life. Well, sorry this site went on hiatus for so long. For now, I’m focusing on trying to update THE LIST. Those of you who’ve been trying to join it, I apologize for the delay. I’ve created THIS FORM to make it easier for me to add folks to the list. Fill it out to get your name and details out there. If you’re already on the list and need to update it, use the same form.

Anyway, hope y’all are hanging in there and still writing. Keep on writing, folks. There’s so much happening in the world. What better time to write?! Keep on writing. And, be good to yourselves and one another. Peace.

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