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“YOUNG LORDS” Pilot. Drama/True Events. “With a Puerto Rican community at odds with law enforcement in 1960’s Chicago, and facing eviction by the hands of gentrification, it is up to them to accept defeat or come together and fight back.”  By Amarilis Rodriguez. Twitter: @nenita1127 

“POPULACE” Pilot. Drama. “With recent devastation in Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, 3 teenage girls cross paths on their interweaving journey of love, hardship, and perseverance.”  By Amarilis Rodriguez. Twitter: @nenita1127

“ARCANE LAND” Pilot. Sci-fi Latino Horror. When a Latino teenage greaser is blamed for the vanishing of a white bobbysoxer, his younger sister & her friends must confront monsters to clear his name. A Latino version of Stranger Things. By Roxanne Esquibel Hilburn @LatinaWriterrrr

“Kissing Che” stage play. Fidel Castro begins his brutal persecution of Cuba’s LGBTQ population in the 1960s/70s as told through the rise and fall of Havana’s last famous female impersonator. Think,”Before Night Falls” meets “Kiss of the Spiderwoman.” By Augusto Amador @LAroughwriters. (5.22.19)

“Friday Night Whites” feature, coming-of-age. An awkward but rebellious Mexican-American girl desperate for the scholarship money she needs to escape her destiny as a farmworker, accepts a dare to be the first brown girl to try out for the all-white high school cheer squad. Set in 1980s central California, Blanca Delgado’s transformation not only angers the mean-girl cheer queens, it upends her traditional Mexican family and sparks backlash from her Latino social circle. By Michelle Morgante @mmorgante (5.22.19)

“Cubana” 60 min. crime drama.  1950’s, Havana, Cuba.  The underbelly of the city is a brew of high-stakes gambling, secret revolutionary plots, violent repression and American gangsterism.  Reina, a popular drag queen and crime boss, schemes to stay a step ahead of her enemies while running Havana’s most famous cabaret. By Augusto Amador @Laroughwriters Manager: Adam Peck theadampeck@gmail.com (5.21.19)

“The Plume,” After 35 years, a journalist returns to his hometown to investigate the clandestine dumping and cover-up of deadly chemicals in the underground source of water. What he uncovers in this predominantly Mexican-American community hits home in the most personal way.  An 80 minute feature-length documentary, by Franc Contreras. @ThePlumeDoc (5.21.19)

“Room to Grow,” 30min dramedy: Emilio and Danny, brothers who are background builders on a popular TV home-improvement show, clash over their different ideals. Emilio is a family man without papers; Danny is a U.S.-born millenial chasing the Hollywood dream. By Michelle Morgante @mmorgante (5.19.19)

“Bury the Lede” 30min TV dramedy: Newly laid-off and hurtling toward divorce, Suzy Quintero, a 30-ish Latina journalist, returns to her rural hometown to try to save the local paper from closing. She finds herself in the perfect place to take on the prejudiced good ol’ boys who run the place. By Michelle Morgante @mmorgante (5.19.19)